The C++ Short String Optimisation

Posted on Sat 19 November 2016 in Performance • 4 min read

While learning and reading up on C++11 recently, I came across the Short String Optimisation.

I’d at some point been told (or somehow got it into my head), that C unions are generally dangerous and are something you should steer well clear of, so I’d never really known what they were about. However, from learning about the SSO it’s clear they can make for some very efficient memory use as …

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Python REST API With SwaggerUI

Posted on Sat 29 October 2016 in REST • 3 min read

What with REST APIs and the swagger framework for documenting and integrating them being the in-thing lately, to start getting to grips with them I wanted to see how easy it would be to create a simple one in Python with minimal code from me. Turns out it was very simple.

As practice project I picked writing a really simple datastore.

Choosing a Package

After looking around for something that provides a SwaggerUI (demo here …

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